What is it?
The Interro is a set of quiz buzzers – a contestant lockout system, so that one of up to eight players can buzz in to answer a question, and everyone else is locked out until you reset the system. This way you know who answered first. There’s also an auto-reset feature in case you forget to reset it.

Where can I get the source code?
Source code is available at our BitBucket repository, at

Where can I get one?
Right now, you can’t – it’s still in development. I’m hoping to offer kits soonish.

You can, however, build one of your own.

How do I build my own?
I’m working on a set of instructions and videos describing just that. Essentially, you’ll need PCBs – I ordered mine from Seeedstudio – as well as stereo audio cables, a USB phone charger, some electronic components including an ATMEGA328P, and eight LED Night Lights.

How does it work?
I haven’t written that up, yet – hopefully soon.

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