What is it? The Domino clock is my version of Carbon Design’s Domino Clock, except done with LEDs.

How do I tell the time on this thing? The display area is divided up into three areas: hours, tens of minutes and minutes. The number of lit LEDs in each area tells the time, so 12 in the first area, 5 in the second, 2 in the third 12:52.

Where can I get the source code? Source code is available at our BitBucket repository, at http://code.surrealitylabs.com/dominoclock.

Where can I get one? You can’t, yet - it’s still in development.

You can, however, build one of your own.

How do I build my own? No details yet, but the PCB layouts are in the source code repository, and the project basically requires an RTC module and an Arduino beyond that.

How does it work? I haven’t written that up, yet - hopefully soon.

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