I’ve been meaning to get back into documenting projects for a long time - about nine years, going by the timestamps on this website. A lot has happened in the intervening years - a career change from web development to embedded systems, a big move, a couple of job changes, and a startup or two. In that time, I’ve gotten out of the habit of finishing a project and writing about it. Not that I did such a great job of that before - but I’ve fallen off that even further. It’s something I want to get back to.

One major thing that’s happened in that time, is that I attended the Hackaday Superconference. I’ve been to the 2019, 2022, and 2023 incarnations of the conference, and had a blast each time. It’s a terrific event - lots of interesting talks, plenty of people showing their neat projects, and tons of interesting people eager to talk about what they’re working on. Every time I’ve been, I come away with a renewed enthusiasm for my own projects.

The problem is that so far, I’ve let that slip away, every time. 2019 had a reasonable excuse in that 2020 was a trainwreck, but 2022 became 2023 without me focusing on any of my own projects. I’ve certainly worked on enough of them, but never enough to finish one and write it up.

I’m determined, though, to fix that - to start documenting the things I do, and to try and finish more of them. I’m reviving this site to try and share more of them, so that anyone else who’s interested in my projects can try them. I realize the success rate of these comeback blog posts is pretty low, but it’s worth trying! I’m going to start with a couple of SAO designs. These are circuit boards that attach to an electronic conference badge via a standardish connector. I want to have a bunch of them to give away at Supercon next year, so the time to start is now.

(Why this post? Partially to make sure I meet a personal goal of reactivating it in 2023, and partially to make sure I still know how to work Jekyll)