Update: Bluetooth Polygraph

Just a quick update on the Bluetooth Polygraph project. More description is coming soon - possibly full documentation before the Waterloo Maker Faire this weekend - but this’ll have to do for now.

The PCB has been assembled, and two of the three sensors tested:

Bluetooth Polygraph Bluetooth Polygraph Sensors Bluetooth Polygraph PCBs

The pulse sensor (actually a Pulse Sensor Amped) and the GSR sensor (based on / blatantly copied from Make’s Truth Meter) both work nicely over Bluetooth. A processing app is currently graphing the data on a strip chart. I still have to build the respiration sensor, and get the app working on my Nexus 7, but I’ve already tried the stripchart (slavishly copied from this code on OpenProcessing) on the Nexus, and it worked nicely. Bluetooth functionality will be provided courtesy of the Processing BtSerial library from the Arduino folks, which I’ll be providing instructions on how to install, as well (since it doesn’t come with a .jar file).

So there’s still some work to do, but a manageable amount, and we should be done and possibly even documented in time for Waterloo Maker Faire.