We just got a bunch of new PCBs in, which means more projects are going to move forward.

Amongst the fun stuff that just came in:

  • StatusLight 2.0 - A cost-reduced StatusLight using an ATTiny85 and WS2812 LEDs.
    StatusLight 2.0 PCBs
  • DIYPinball.ca boards - the Base Board, Score Display Board and Raspberry Pi CAN Board for that system (currently under development)
    DIYPinball.ca Base BoardDIYPinball Score Display moduleDIYPinball Raspberry Pi CAN interface
  • Bluetooth Polygraph boards - just in time for the Maker Faire in Waterloo this weekend:
    Bluetooth Polygraph PCBs
  • Project Vending Machine 2.1 boards - an upgrade to use Raspberry Pi GPIOs and I2C rather than an Arduino:
    Project Vending Machine I/O board
  • WS2812 Breakouts, for some experiments with these fun little LEDs:
    WS2812 Breakout boards
  • Taskmaster boards, for finally making some progress on my time tracking project:
    Taskmaster PCBs

Hopefully this tides us over for a bit, though I have a feeling we’ll be making another order this summer.