What is it? The StatusLight is a USB-driven set of RGB LEDs with a button, so that cubicle dwellers can indicate their current status to people walking around the office. It lets you indicate that you’re busy and don’t want to be disturbed, or that you’re working remotely, or on vacation. The button allows people to pop up a small message on your screen so as not to scare you if you’re in The Zone.

Where can I get the source code? Source code is not yet available - there are license issues with the Microchip Application Library to be sorted our first.

Where can I get one? Right now, you can’t, though we’re looking at doing a kit version.

How do I build my own? Once the source code gets released, this won’t be too difficult - it’s a fairly straightforward design, though there is some (large-sized) surface mount work to be done. I’ll have videos on assembly up soon.

How does it work? I haven’t written that up, yet - hopefully soon.

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