Makers: Randy Glenn, Chris Johnson Date: Jan. 2008 - Present

Description A  deceptively plain looking desk lamp with a number of tricks under it’s  shade.  Crafted with parts liberated from a Swedish big box furniture  the iLoveLamp hints at an appearance of conformity.  Once you plug it in  it is clearly anything but…  the iLoveLamp is a high intensity  RGB-LED embedded in the center of a circuit that gives it super-powers.  

What powers?  How about the power of coloured light?  How does that  move you?  No?  How about the power to communicate with other iLoveLamps  across the room… That’s radio, on-board!  What about the power to  move you?  Easily programmable, the iLoveLamp is a great toy for hackers  to explore and find new uses for iLoveLamps.