Maker Faire Detroit 2012

We’re applying to exhibit at Maker Faire Detroit 2012, in conjunction with our friends at Useful Robot and Inventor’s Playground. Some of the projects we’re looking to show are:

  • Project Vending Machine 2, the updated version of last year's Editor's Choice Award-winning Project Vending Machine
  • Word Clock, our take on the ever-popular letter grid timepiece
  • SexyTime Watch, Useful Robot and Inventor's Playground's fun new wrist-mounted timepiece
  • The UN*X Clock, an open-source clock that shows the number of seconds since January 1, 1970
  • Easydimmer, Inventor's Playground's easy way to dim AC lamps
  • NESVerter, our NES-to-USB controller converter
  • Interro, our quiz game buzzer system
  • Useful Robot's Fencing Box
  • Inventor's Playground and Useful Robot's CircleClock
  • and, believe it or not, even more.
  • </ul> Watch this space for updates to our projects and to see what we've got coming up. It should be a good show (assuming we get in!)